Basic Command Line Operations in ESX

In this post i am not going to write the commands which is used to perform complex Vmware operations like ( esxcfg, vmware-cmd or Vmkfstools). Here are the commands which are used to verify and perform the basic operations in esx console. Since i am from windows background, I found difficult to get this basic information from esx. Here you go with the basic lists.
To find ESX software Version and Build:

# vmware -v

VMware ESXi 4.0.0 build-208167

# vmware -l

VMware ESXi 4.0.0 Update 1

To find the hostname and Ip address

#Hostname -s



To see the service status

Service –status-all

To see only  running services
Service –status-all

grep running

To see the status of one particular service

service –status-all

grep web

webAccess is stopped

Commands for basic troubleshooting of connectivity issues (Vcenter to esx or Vsphere client to esx)

Service mgmt-vmware restart

service network restart

service vmware-vpxa restart

To add the manual entry to host file

# cd /etc

# nano or VI hosts (enter the manual host ip entried and save it)

To view the text file default gateway and hostname







To edit the DNS server IP address




Will add the few more commands in my next posts. 🙂