Create NFS Datastore for ESX in WIndows Server 2008 R2

Here, I am going to explain step by step procedure to configure NFS share in windows 2008 R2 to use with ESX data store

Adding NFS Share Role in Windows

Choose Start -> Administrative Tools -> Server Manager
I have already File services installed on my windows server with default options. So, Go to file services role and click on add Role services and select “services for network file system”

Click on Install

Create a folder called “nfstest”. Right click the folder and click on properties

Click on the “NFS sharing” tab and click on “Manage NFS Sharing”

Select the check mark  “Share this folder” and remove the check mark Kerberos V5 integrity and authentication  & Kerberos V5 authentication.

Select the Allow anonymous access and click on Permissions tab

In Type of Access , choose “Read-Write” and check mark the Allow Root access and apply ok.

Adding  the NFS datastore to ESX\ESXi host

Make sure you have vmkernel port is configured in your ESX/ESXi host.

Goto Configuration Tab and select Storage. Click on Add storage.

Select Network File system.

Enter the Fully qualified domain name of the server or IP address, share name and Datastore name. Click on Next.

 NFS datastore named “NFS DATASTORE” is created.

 NFS datastore is created and we are ready to go.Thanks For Reading!!!!