Download Altaro Backup and Win Nintendo Switch & $30 eGift cards

December is the coolest month for shopping, vacation, and festivals such as Christmas and New year. In addition to that, one more reason to celebrate this December is Altaro Backup giveaway of Nintendo Switch and $30 eGift Cards to more than 100 lucky winners!. You don’t need to do any complex steps to become a winner of the contest.  Download and install  Altaro VM Backup for Hyper-V and VMware and send a screenshot of the main Altaro VM backup dashboard with atleast 1 of your VMs added for backup.  Don’t delay, follow the below steps to be eligible to win the Altaro’s giveaway.

To be eligible to win, participants need to:

  1. Download Altaro VM Backup by filling in the form at They must use a business email address.
  2. Install Altaro VM Backup (this will take less than 15 minutes).
  3. Send a screenshot of the main dashboard view of their running Altaro VM Backup to by not later than 12th December, 2017. They need to make sure we can see at least 1 of your VMs added for backing up!

Although participants can send in the screenshot by 12th December, the contest officially closes on 10th December 2017

Altaro Backup Giveaway

Download Altaro Backup and WIN Nintendo Switch and $30 eGift cards

Altaro VM Backup for Hyper-V and VMware creates the smallest backup size when compared to other backup software, reducing backup space requirements and backup time. Once downloaded, you can try Altaro VM Backup with unlimited VMs for 30 days. After that, you get 2 VMs for free, forever.

ALTARO is one of the Fast-growing developers of user-friendly backup solutions for small and mid-market businesses.

Altaro VM Backup – Free Edition allows you to back up two VMs per VMware host for free (forever) on unlimited hosts with, the easiest to use solution for VMware backups. Make backing up and restoring your VMware VMs hassle-free and easy.

Altaro Backup is easy to use and high-performance VM backup solution, priced per host (not per Socket or CPU). You can install and take your first backup in under 15 minutes! You’ll also experience huge storage savings thanks to our Augmented Inline Deduplication.

Altaro removed the complexities to offer a streamlined solution packed with features to back up and restore your VMs. You can quickly set up a backup schedule, data integrity checks and automated test drills. For extra peace of mind, you can replicate backups offsite using drive rotation, Altaro Offsite Server or to Azure Cloud. When you need to restore a VM you can opt to restore a whole VM, specific Files or Exchange Items or even instantly boot a VM from the backup location.

Back up unlimited VMs for 30 days. After 30 days you can back up 2 VMs for free, forever. Plus, you get a chance to WIN!


Download Altaro Backup NOW !!!

Why are you waiting now? It is wonderful opportunity to download and evaluate the one of best backup solution for free with the more chance of winning the Giveaway of Nintendo Switch and $30 eGift Cards.  Hurry Up the contest officially closes on 10th December 2017.Thanks for Reading!!! Be social and share it with social media, if you feel worth sharing it.