Extending C: drive in VMware Virtual Machine

This blog post is to show how to extend windows system drive c: drive of windows virtual machines using Dell Extpart utility. If you would like to know how to resize the vmdk from command line Please refer my blog post on resize vmdk on VMWare virtual machine

Increase the virtual machine c: drive space by increasing the size of concerned VMDK disk.

Right click the VM and Edit Settings -> Increase the size from  14 GB  to 20 GB. Note the now my virtual machine C: drive is having 6 GB unallocated space.

Download here Dell Extpart utiltiy

Copy the tool inside the virtual machine where you want to extend the system drive.

1. Open the command prompt ->  browse towards the extpart.exe location . In my case c:\dell\extpart and type extpart.exe

2. Type the Drive letter which you want to extend . In our case c: drive

3. Specify the size to expand the drive and it will show the new volume size.We have 6 GB of unallocated space .So specify 6GB in MB – 6144 MB and hit enter.

The new volume size is showing as 20465 MB
Thats it.!!! we are done with extending system drive.

Thanks for Reading !!!!