Fault Tolerance – VMware Site Survey

We have already talked about VMware Fault tolerance in my previous posts about FT requirements and limitations for virtual machines and ESX host. Here is the one more utility  to check the hardware and software compatibility with advanced VMware features such as Fault Tolerance (FT) and the utility is called VMware Site Survey.

VMware Site Survey can be downloaded from VMware website. Let’s take a look at how to install the Site Survey utility.


1. Download the installer from the above mentioned link

2. Double click the SiteSurvey-2.5.3.msi and follow the wizard instructions and click on finish to complete the installation.

3. Connect to your vCenter server using vSphere client and click on cluster or host view, You can find the site survey tab

4. Click on the site survey tab and Click “Run Site Survey” and select “current view only”

5.SiteSurvey will generate the report for that particular Host or cluster depend on where you run the site survey.

The above report shows compatible report for VMware Fault tolerance, If you are looking for interview questions  on FT, Please visit the blog post on  VMware Fault Tolerance -interview questions & answers.

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