How to Make your USB Flash drive Bootable

This post may be not related to VMware technology but it is really needed for the server admins and Datacenter technicians because there are many server models which will not come inbuild with CD/DVD drive. There are many situations like Upgrade, Repair or during troubleshooting situation in which you need boot your Server or Laptop  into Operation system installation image and you may run into trouble during the troubleshooting situation if your server or System don’t have CD/DVD drive.

Below methods will guide you to how to make your USB flash drive bootable

1. First Download the UNettbootin installer for your Operating system
2. Keep your  Installer ISO image on your local drive
3.Attach you USB flash drive in your desktop/Laptop
4. Double-click on the downloaded UNetbootin.exe executable file

5.Once UNetbootin wizard is opened, Select the USB Drive under Type and select the Drive letter for the connected USB Flash drive.

6.Select ISO in the Diskimage drop-down and click on Browse button. As VMware Admin, I will always hold Some of the ESXi installer in my system . So i have selected my ESXi 5.1 ISO and click Open to attach the ISO image to UNetbootin. Click on OK to start the process.

7.It takes few minutes to complete the process to change your USB flash drive as bootable media.

After the all 4 steps below steps completed
A.Download Files
B.Extracting and copying files
C. Installing Bootloader
D. Installation complete

8.Attach your USB Flash drive to your server and boot the server using USB drive.. If you are trying to boot the Virtual Machine using  USB in Workstation. Follow the steps “Boot from a USB Flash Drive in VMware Workstation”

Thats it !!! You are now ready for your server upgrade or troubleshooting using your USB flash drive Thanks for Reading !!!