Intel Processor Identification Utility to test CPU for ESX Installation on VMware Workstation

Intel  Processor Identification Utility is the tool or software that tells us the capability and feature sets of particular CPU installed with your desktop, laptop or server. One of the Prerequisites of running enterprise class virtualization software like ESX,ESXi or hyper-v is Intel-VT Technology should be available in CPU.

Please refer the Intel article with the CPU types and Intel VT feature availability.

Intel VT feature should be available in CPU to run VMware ESX server  inside the VMware Workstation.To test whether our Laptop or Desktop CPU is having Intel-VT feature or not

Download the Intel  Processor Identification Utility from Intel Site.

Double the donwloaded “pidenu31.msi” file to identify your CPU feature set. After few seconds, You will get the below screen which shows your CPU capability and feature sets.

Displays the Advanced Intel Processor Technologies

Intel Virtualization Technology (Intel Vt)  = “Yes”.  So My processor is capable of running ESX server.

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