How to Connect VCSA 6.5 Embedded Postgres Database using pgAdmin (With GUI) -VMware Unsupported

Default database for vCenter Server appliance 6.5 and windows based vCenter Server 6.5 is Postgres database. Most of the VMware administrators are more comfortable with managing the Microsoft SQL servers using the GUI based database management tools. When we start using the default embedded database for vCenter Server appliance 6.5. You need to manage the postgres database from command line and other option is to manage the embedded database using other third party postgres database management tools such as pgAdmin. Managing VCSA 6.5 Embedded postgres database using any third party management tools is not supported by VMWare.  pgAdmin allows you to manage the vCenter Server appliance 6.5 embedded postgres database via GUI. In this article, we will discuss about how to manage the vCSA 6.5 embedded postgres database using pgAdmin. This is only for lab environment.

Note: This is completely Unsupported by VMware. This article is just intended to share for Knowledge purpose and also tested in Lab environment only. Please don’t try this in Production. 

How to Connect VCSA 6.5 Embedded Postgres Database using pgAdmin

pgAdmin tools are available for Windows, Liux and also for Mac OS.  I am going to install the pgAdmin on the windows server, So download pgadmin for windows. Once download is completed, Start the pgAdmin installation. Click on Next to continue.

vCSA Postgres Database

Follow the wizard instructions, and Click on Finish to complete the installation.

Manage vCSA Postgres Database using Pgadmin_2

Before We start managing the postgres database using pgadmin, we need the postgres database connection information. Take a look at how to interact with VCSA 6.5 Embedded VPostgres Database.  Connect to the VCSA 6.5 using SSH and login with root credentials. Execute the below command in bash shell to get the embedded postgres database configuration information

cat /etc/vmware-vpx/embedded_db.cfg

It displays the embedded database configuration information such as DB Type, DB Server name. DB port, DB instance name , DB user name and also PG User Password in Quotes. This information are needed when you need to manage and troubleshoot the VCSA 6.5 Embedded VPostgres Database from outside the server.

Manage vCSA Postgres Database using Pgadmin_3

Before managing the embedded database using pgadmin, you should ensure you have configured your vCenter server appliance firewall to Manage VCSA 6.5 Postgres Database Remotely. Configure the VCSA 6.5 firewall prior to manage the embedded database using pgadmin. Once you are done with the firewall configuration, Open the pgadmin console. Right-click the Severs -> Create -> Server

Manage vCSA Postgres Database using Pgadmin_4


Enter the vCenter Server FQDN hostname or IP address in the general tab.

Manage vCSA Postgres Database using Pgadmin_5

Click on Connection tab -> Enter the connection information copied from the VCSA database configuration information. Copy the username and password from the embedded database configuration information. Click on Save.

Manage vCSA Postgres Database using Pgadmin_6

That’s it . We have connected to the VCSA 6.5 embedded  database using pgadmin.  Now you can manage the embedded database via GUI as similar to your SQL management.

Manage vCSA Postgres Database using Pgadmin_7

That’s it. VCSA database management become easy now. I hope this is informative for you. Thanks for Reading!!. Be social and share it in social media, if you feel worth sharing it.