Customize IP Address of VM’s using VMware SRM IP Customization Rule

With VMware Site Recovery Manager, We have 3 different ways to customize the IP address of virtual machines on the protected and recovery site during Test recovery and failover. 3 different ways are Customize IP address of the invidual virtual machine, Subnet level IP mapping using VMware SRM IP customization rule and the third method is to customize the IP properties for multiple virtual machines on the protected and recovery sites by using the DR IP Customizer tool. Customize IP address of the individual virtual machine is not feasible for the larger environment. We need to use either Subnet level mapping or customization using DR IP customizer tool. In this article, we will understand how to customize IP address of multiple virtual machines at subnet-level using SRM IP customization Rules.

Subnet-level mapping eliminates the need to define exact adapter-level IP mapping. Instead, you specify an SRM IP customization rule that Site Recovery Manager applies to relevant adapters. The IP customization rule is used for test and recovery workflows. You cannot reuse IP customization rules between different network mappings.

IP subnet mapping rules support IPv4 only. Rule-based IPv6 customization is not supported inSite Recovery Manager. Site Recovery Manager does not evaluate IP mapping rules for virtual machines configured to use manual IP customization.

How to Customize IP address of multiple virtual machines using SRM IP Customization Rule

To create IP customization rule, Login to vCenter Server using vSphere Web client -> Site Recovery -> sites -> Manage -> Network Mappings. Select the network mapping for which you want to define a customization rule. Click on Add IP Customization rule

VMware SRM IP Customization Rule


Enter the name of the IP customization rule and specify the IP ranges that map to the protected and recovery sites. Specify the network settings for the recovery site network and click ok.

In the below example, We are applying IP customization rule between two IP subnets. for example, to The IP customization rule states that during recovery Site Recovery Manager evaluates the existing IP configuration of the recovered virtual machine’s NICs and reconfigures static NICs found on the subnet for the subnet.

If the rule matches, Site Recovery Manager derives the new static IPv4 address from the old one by preserving the host bits of the original IPv4 address and placing it on the target subnet. For example, if the original protected site address is, the new address is

VMware SRM IP Customization Rule

IP customization rule for the specific network mapping is completed. We will be able to see the mapping information for the subnet.

VMware SRM IP Customization Rule

That’s it. We are done with creating IP customization at subnet-level using VMware SRM IP customization rule. I hope this is informative for you. Thanks for Reading!!!.  Be social and share it with social media, if you feel worth sharing it.