vCloud Director series Part 5 – Configuring vCloud Director 5.1 initial setup

This Post is going to explain you the steps to complete the initial configuration of vCloud Director 5.1. Once vCloud Director appliance is deployed successfully from the OVF Template. We need to complete initial installation step for the vCloud Director.

Power on the vCloud Director 5.1 appliance virtual Machine. It will automatically configure the vCloud director appliance based on the values provided during the vCloud Director appliance deployment from the OVF template.

You can open the web browser and type https://<ip of vCloud Director:5400/> to open the vCloud director appliance administrative page.

You can login to the vCloud director appliance virtual machine using the below username and password
username: root
password: vmware

Below Screen is the home page of  vCloud director appliance administrative page.  You can login to the below page using the below default username and password

username: root
password: vmware

Next step is login to vCloud Director application url to complete the initial setup. Open the web browser and type the URL https://<IP address of vCloud director>/cloud  At first time, It will display the initial setup wizard for vCloud Director. Click on Next to continue

Read the License agreement and Select Yes, I accept the terms in the license agreement checkbox. Click on Next to continue

Enter the license key for the vCloud Director and click on Next

In the Create a Administrator Account page, Enter the username and password  for the account for site-wide system administrator account. Click on Next.

Enter the vCloud System Name that will help to identify the installation of VMware vCloud Director. Click on Next.

 Review the information provided and click on Finish to complete the vCloud Director initial setup.

Login in back to the vCloud Director using the URL https://<IP address of vCloud director>/cloud   with  vCloud administrator account defined in the previous steps.

vCloud Director 5.1 home page displays the next steps to proceed to complete the setup of  vCloud Director.

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