vCloud Director Series Part 6 – Attach a vCenter Server with vCloud Director 5.1

This post explains you the step by step procedure to attach a vCenter server with vCloud Director 5.1 This is the first step in building the Cloud environment. This will provide the resources (it will be used by the end users to deploy vAPP from the vCloud Director) to the vCloud Director that will be abstracted from the attached vCenter server.

Once vCloud Director is up and running, Login to the vCloud Director with the Cloud administrator credentials. It will display the below steps

1.Attach a vCenter
2.Create a Provider VDC
3.Create an external network
4.Create a network pool
5.Create a new organization
6.Allocate resources to an organization
7.Add a catalog to an organization

Lets start the first step in building the Private Cloud with vCloud Director

1. Click on Attach a vCenter under Quick Start option in the Home Page

2.Enter the Necessary information (Hostname or IP address of vCenter server, Port number, Username,password, vCenter name to be identified from vCloud Director and description). This information is required to associate the vCenter server with this vCloud Director instance. Click on Next to continue.

3. Enter the credentials for the vShield Manager

4. Review the information provided and Click on Finish to complete the wizard.

5. Now you can see Green Check Mark with this task and you will see Attach another vCenter option is available.

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