Virtual Machine Requirements & Limitations for VMware Fault Tolerance

1. FT protected virtual machine should be running on the supported Guest operating system

2. FT protected virtual machine’s guest operating system and processor combination must be supported by Fault Tolerance. Please refer VMware Site for Supported Guest OS and CPU combination

3.Physical RDM is not supported for FT protected virtual machines but virtual mode RDM is supported

4.FT protected virtual machine should have eagerzeroed Thick disks. Virtual machine with  thin provisioned disk will be automatically converted to thick disk, while enabling FT for the virtual machine. Make sure enough free space is avaialble in the datastore for this operation.

5.SMP (symmetric multiprocessing) is not supported. Only 1 VCPU per virtual mahcine is allowed.

6.Only 64 GB of  maximum RAM is allowed for the FT VM’s.

7.Hot add and remove devices are not allowed for FT protected VM’s.

8.NPIV is not supported for FT VM’s.

9.USB Passthough and VMDirectPath should not be enabled for FT VM’s and it is not supported.

10. USB and Sound devices are not supported for FT VM’s.

11.Virtual Machine snapshot is not supported for FT protected VM’s.FT virtual Machines cannot be backed up using the backup technology like (VCB, vmware data recovery),which uses snapshot feature.

12. Virtual machine hardware version should be 7 and above

13.Paravirtualized Guest OS and paravirtualized scsi adapter for FT protected virtual machine is not supported.

14.Windows Guest OS should not be using MSCS (Microsoft Cluster services) to Protect the Virtual Machine using FT.

15.FT Protected virtual machines should not be HA disbaled by Virtual Machine level HA settings.

16. FT protected virtual machines cannot be migrated using svmotion. If want to migrate FT protected virtual  machine, disable the FT on the VM, Migrate the VM using svmotion and re-enable the FT.

17. IPv6 is not supported by VMware HA so, it is not supported for FT.

Please refer my blog post on ESX Host -Infrastrcuture Requirements & Limitations for VMware Fault Tolerance to see the ESX requirements for VMware FT.

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