VSAN Error: Host is in a VSAN enabled cluster but does not have VSAN service enabled

This is a simple post which talks about the error received on your ESXi host which is part of VSAN cluster. It was head breaking issue. I tried lot of stuffs to troubleshoot this issue like removed hosts from VSAN cluster, enabled and disabled VSAN on the cluster, even rebuild the host but nothing helped me to fix this issue. Later come to know from william lam that is not exactly a problem with host or VSAN. In my scenario, I am running VSAN setup on VMware Workstation. I have 3 ESXi hosts each allocated 4 GB of RAM . I was getting the below error even after multiple reboots and troubleshooting attempts.

My ESXi host was assigned with 4 GB of Memory and which is running on top of the VMware Workstation. This post will also be applicable to the nested ESXi . As per VMware documentation, Minimum recommend memory for VSAN is 6 GB but it has been tested that it is working fine with 5 GB. To fix this issue,  increase the memory to 5 GB and above.

VSAN ErrorI have increased the I memory of my virtual ESXi host from 4 GB to 5 GB and rebooted the Host.  The Warning message “Host is in a VSAN enabled cluster but does not have VSAN service enabled” disappeared after ESXi host came up.

VSAN Error_2

That’s it. Simple solution to fix this issue. I hope this is informative for you. Thanks for Reading!!!! Be Social and share it in social media, If you feel worth sharing it.