vSphere OVF Deployment Failed -deviceImage-0.iso was not found

One of my colleague has reported that he is facing issue with importing VM during vSphere OVF deployment on the vCenter server using Import OVF option.  Error reports immediately after starting the import option. Error is referring about some missing ISO file in the OVF file. Error is “File ds:///vmfs/volumes/uuid/_deviceImage-0.iso was not found“.  I suspect this  error could be definitely something related to the ISO file mounted on the source VM was missing while deploying the vSphere OVF.

vSphere OVF

vSphere OVF Deployment Failed -deviceImage-0.iso  – Solution

  1. Uncompress the OVA file Windows machine.
  2. Locate the OVF file. This file contains all the configuration information to deploy the virtual machine.
  3.  In the VMname.OVF file, Search for “vmware.cdrom.iso”

<rasd:ElementName>CD/DVD drive 1</rasd:ElementName>
<rasd:ResourceSubType> vmware.cdrom.iso

       4.Replace  “vmware.cdrom.iso” to “”vmware.cdrom.remotepassthrough” in OVF file

          <rasd:ElementName>CD/DVD drive 1</rasd:ElementName>

    5. Save the OVF file after making the above changes as mentioned in step 4.

    6. Since we modified the ISO entry in the .ovf file, the SHA1 sum has changed from the original OVF file, so we need to update the manifest file (.mf) to start the deployment. As a simple procedure, You can simply delete the file with “.mf” extension. If this “.MF” file exists, ESXi host will attempt to validate the OVF file with modified SHA and throws an error about the templates integrity being invalid. So simply delete or move the file with .mf extension to different folder than the OVF file.

 7. Start the deployment of the virtual machine. After this changes, my OVF deployment started without any issues and deployment completed successfully.

That’s it. Most of you might have aware about this solution but simply want to share with the readers who aren’t aware about the solution of this particular issue.  I hope this is informative for your. Thanks for Reading!!. Be social and share it in social media, if you feel worth sharing it.