Worried of Web Client, say Good bye to vSphere web Client!!! 

vSphere web client,   ahh  I know.  What’s  comes in your mind.  I understand the pain of VMware Admins who switched the administrative tasks from vSphere client to vSphere web Client with the release of vSphere 6.5.

Since vSphere web client was based on flash technology,  which results in less than ideal performance as compared to vSphere client.  In addition to that,  Adobe also announced the plans to depreciate flash.

With the decommissioning of windows based vSphere client,  VMware also building the parallel HTML5 based vSphere client. Which provides the solid performance as compared to the vSphere web client.
HTML5 based vSphere client was available with fling in an earlier version and VMware made it available with vSphere from vSphere 6.5 GA.

HTML5 based vSphere client initially released with the limited features and tasks to perform.  With the release of vSphere 6.5 update 1, almost 90% of tasks can be performed via HTML5 based vSphere client.  It was one of the happiest movement for the web client haters.

HTML5 based vSphere client is also a web based client and provides solid performance as compared to vSphere web client.  VMware being the customer focused organization,  continuously working towards the improvement of performance of vSphere web client in every version of vSphere released as compared to the earlier versions.

Considering the number of feedbacks received from customers & partner’s and also based on Adobe decision of deprecating flash,  VMware decides to depreciate the flash based vSphere web client in the next numbered release. It will be not with the update release of vSphere 6.5. It should be from the next major vSphere release.

Web client

HTML5 based vSphere client will be the next  GUI administrative tool to manage the vSphere environment after next vSphere release.  VMware announced this yesterday to get the customers ample time to familiar with the HTML5 based vSphere client to start working on.

I am sure that most of us will be really happy with this announcement.  I am also happy that I have a solid answer to answer the people who question me about vSphere web client performance.

Let me try to post more articles related to HTML5 based vSphere client to perform management tasks to get my readers familiar with the vSphere client. I hope this is informative for you.  Thanks for reading.  Be social and share it in social media using social media plugins,  if you feel worth sharing it.  Please find more information about Web Client depreciate in VMware article