Install Remote Desktop Session Host to Setup RDS Host Farm in Horizon View

An RDS host is a server computer that hosts applications and desktop sessions for remote access. An RDS host can be a virtual machine or a physical server. This post will discuss about Install Remote Desktop Session Host to configure RDS host Farm in VMware Horizon View. In View, an RDS host is a server that has the Microsoft Remote Desktop Services role, the Microsoft Remote Desktop Session Host service, and View Agent installed. Remote Desktop Services was previously known as Terminal Services. The Remote Desktop Session Host service allows a server to host applications and remote desktop sessions. With View Agent installed on an RDS host, users can connect to applications and desktop sessions by using the display protocol PCoIP. PCoIP provides an optimized user experience for the delivery of remote content, including images, audio and video.

The process of setting up applications or RDS desktops for remote access involves the following tasks:

  • Install Remote Desktop Session Host
  • Create a RDS Farms
  • Create an application pool or an RDS desktop pool

Install Remote Desktop Session Host

Log on to RDS windows host. Ensure your server joined to Active Directory domain. Open Server Manager. Click Manage and select Add Roles.

install remote desktop session host

Click on Next to continue with Add Roles wizard.


Select Remote Desktop Services under roles and Click on Next.


Click on Next to continue with the Install Remote Desktop Session Host.


Select the Role Services as “Remote Desktop Session Host” and click on Next.


It is recommended that you install Remote desktop session host before you install any applications that you want to make available to users. Click on Next.


On the Specify Licensing Mode page, select the licensing mode that applies to your Remote Desktop Services environment, and then click Next. Since this is a demo installation, I have selected the option “Configure later” to configure the licensing later. This option will allow you to use the Remote Desktop Host Configuration tool to use till 120 Days. Click on Next.


Select the Users or User group allowed access to this RD session Host server and click on Next.


On the Confirm Installation Selections page, verify that the RD Session Host role service will be installed, and then click Install


That’s it. Well are done with the Install Remote Desktop Session Host. Next step is to install applications and View agent on the RDS hosts. We will discuss further steps in upcoming posts. I hope this is informative for you!! Thanks for Reading!!! Be social and share it in social media, if you feel worth sharing it.

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